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  • AdjectiveCOMshabbierSUPshabbiestSUF-y
    1. Torn or worn; poor; mean; ragged.
      1. Miss Phyllis Morgan, as the hapless heroine dressed in the shabbiest of clothes, appears in the midst of a gay and giddy throng; she apostrophises all and sundry there, including the villain, and has a magnificent scene which always brings down the house, and nightly adds to her histrionic laurels.
    2. Clothed with ragged, much worn, or soiled garments.
      1. The fellow arrived looking rather shabby after journeying so far.
    3. Mean; paltry; despicable.
      1. shabby treatment

Meaning of shabby for the defined word.

Grammatically, this word "shabby" is an adjective. It's also a morpheme, more specifically, a suffixe.
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